In-Mold Printing (IML)

Modern and breakthrough technology in printing paint cans

  In-Mold Printing (IML) gives a distinctive look to paint cans, a great and very economical possibility to print labels on paint cans. when plastic and label combine as one in the molding process.

  PHONGNAM – SINHIROSE CO.,LTD is a pioneer in researching and applying in-mold printing technology on paint cans products, in order to bring paint cans products that are not only durable but also eye-catching and durable, helping customers Paint companies raise the bar in brand recognition and product protection

What is in-mold printing?

  In-mold printing is the use of paper or plastic labels in the production of containers, containers, or product packaging by blow molding, injection molding, or forming processes.

A pre-printed polypropylene label is placed in the mold, which takes the shape of the final product, for example: Folin paint cans. The blown PP Resin is then added to the mold, which combines with the label, and during processing, takes the shape of the mold. The result: Labels and packaging become one.

Advantages of Print-in-Mold technology

  Maximum print quality, high gloss
Printing techniques ensure images with high detail, resolution, and gloss. Besides you can decorate all sides of a container with a single sticker

  Increase product durability
The printed label forms as an additional layer of resin to increase the strength of the main product, so that the product is more durable than conventional methods.

  Printed labels are durable
In-mold labels are resistant to moisture and large changes in temperature. The best solution for labeling plastic containers for frozen products. The label is also scratch resistant, does not crack and does not wrinkle.

  Shorter lead times and lower production costs
During in-mold printing, containers are produced and printed in one step. The storage of white containers becomes unnecessary, reducing storage costs

  Environmental friendliness
In-mold printing saves the environment: Packaging and labels consist of the same material and can therefore be completely recycled.

  Fast design switching
It only takes a change from one label design to another in your IML automation pipeline to make a change quickly. There is almost no loss of production time when starting to print a new design.

  How to use in-mold printing technology?
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