Screen printing technology (silkscreen printing)

  Screen printing technology (silkscreen printing) is an old and quite popular form of printing technique, this printing technique is based on the principle that ink permeates the image and will be printed on the surface of the material by some previous meshes. sealed with chemicals.

  In the process of making screen printing technique, people use a wooden frame and then stretch a thin silk like an embroidery frame. So before this method is also known as screen printing, later there are some other materials that can be replaced such as cotton fabric, fabric, metal mesh, so it is generally called mesh printing technique.

The advantages of screen printing:

   + Cheap printing cost.

   + Easy to change details, image content.

   + Color fastness on the product.

Screen printing process on paint cans

  • Step 1: Prepare the printout: the print is made of wood or aluminum, covered with a mesh on one side to dry. Next is the film used to take photos, copy glue and highlight powder.
  • Step 2: Take a copy (transfer the image to be printed on the frame): To capture the printout, people proceed to mix the copy glue with a little light-catching powder, proceed to cover a thin layer on the printing mesh and dry under conditions dim light. Then shape the film (scanned paper or plastic film) used to capture the image on the grid and place it on the table with a strong light below for 2-3 minutes, then spray it lightly through the faucet. The part of the photographic film that is exposed to strong light will harden and not melt, while the part covered by the photographic film will soften when sprayed with a light tap, helping to create a hollow in the print. After that, the copy can be used for printing.
  • Step 3: Ink mixing: Hand-crafted silkscreen ink, completely hand-blended by the craftsman, the ink mixing material must be suitable for each printed material.
  • Step 4: Align the armrest and print on the product: After having the printout and ink, people will proceed to align the armrest to position the printing frame and proceed to print on the product. The beauty and accuracy of the print depends on the ink material and the printing technique of the printer.
  • Step 5: Eraser: After printing is finished, the printer will proceed to wash the print clean, to prepare for the next printing.

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