About Phong Nam – Sinhirose Co.,Ltd

Phong Nam Co., Ltd. received the business license on August 15, 1995 with the business code: 0100697930 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Vinh Phuc province.

During the process of establishment and development, Phong Nam operates with a mission, vision and motto towards profound customer benefits.


PHONGNAM – SINHIROSE CO.,LTD operates in the following main fields:

  • Design and manufacture molds for plastic products.
  • Processing plastic products brand Folin.
  • Outsourcing OEM products.
  • Bottles and packaging for the beverage and food industries.

Paint Cans & Oil Cans

PHONGNAM – SINHIROSE CO.,LTD is one of the suppliers
The largest paint cans and oil cans in the North with 20 years of experience and nearly 200 domestic and foreign partners

  • Standard sizes, ranging from 1 – 18L.
  • High precision, safety, anti-pry open.
  • Various colors at the request of partners.
  • Various designs & functions.
  • Cylindrical or tapered shape.
  • There is an extra cover.
  • The lid opens several times.
  • Save money with a variety of affordable pricing options.
  • Modern & diverse printing technology.
  • Supply capacity up to 5000sp/day.

Printing technology of paint cans & oil cans

Phong Nam – Sinhirose Co.,Ltd owns
The most modern and advanced printing technology for paint cans today

in vỏ thùng sơn

In-Mold Printing (IML)

Is the most modern printing technology of paint cans with extremely fast printing speed of only 30s/sp, printed right in the molding process.

Silk Screen Printing

Is the traditional printing technology with the best cost.

Heat transfer printing

Printing technology with reasonable cost, beautiful colors.

Industrial containers

Diverse, durable, large-capacity, convenient models suitable for the environment of industrial factories, farms, sea water ….


Sản phẩm nhựa OEM

 Gia công sản phẩm nhựa theo yêu cầu của khách hàng

Building plastic

Plastic products for the construction industry

Mold Factory

Machin the pattern with accuracy up to 5/1000

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