Heat transfer printing technology

  Heat transfer printing technology is now widely used in manufacturing. This method usually uses several types of materials, including heat transfer printing on plastic. This printing technology puts on the product 1 color fresh, true and sharp. So how is thermal transfer printing on plastic materials done and what are the advantages and disadvantages and what should be noted when printing? Please refer to the following article to understand more about this printing process.

What is heat transfer printing on plastic?

  Heat transfer printing is a method of using a special type of ink to print on nylon film – a special nylon film used for thermal printing. Then use the image from this thermal transfer paper as an intermediate to continue printing onto the surface of the plastic material. This method was created by a Japanese corporation and is widely used to this day.

Thermal transfer printing technology on plastic contributes to making products more beautiful, richer, and the images used in printing have good color fastness, clarity, and high quality.

Advantages of heat transfer printing on plastic.

    + Clear images, eye-catching colors, true.

    + Fast printing speed, superior to traditional printing methods.

    + Color fastness on the product.

    + Can print a variety of images, details or sizes.

Heat transfer printing process on plastic.

The first step of the process of heat transfer printing on plastic is to prepare a print file, the images in the print file are designed with specialized software to ensure its aesthetics and sharpness.

Send the approved file for thermal label printing.

Next, after we have a thermal label, we put the label into the thermal printer and proceed to print on the plastic product with the right temperature.

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How to use heat transfer printing technology?

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